“New bio-inspired processes and products from renewable feedstocks”


Is it possible to increase the sustainability of industrial processes while maintaining or increasing the competitiveness of enterprises?


The BIO-MIMETIC project demonstrated the use of renewable resources as a strategic alternative to fossil fuels: different types of biomass have been used as source of lignin

Starting from different biomass sources BIO-MIMETIC was able to obtain homogeneous and constant batches of lignin. Lignin has been transformed in the new bio-polymers thanks to environmentally friendly enzymatic processes developed within the project and involving the enzymes laccases, tyrosinases, lipoxygenases.

By using the new bio-polymers, 4 Household care and beauty care consumer products have been obtained within the project: an Automatic Dishwashing, a Compact Hard Surface Cleaner, a Skin Cream and a Skin Masks. A life cycle assessment has explored the environmental sustainability of the production of the new bio-polymers, and when used in four different consumer products.