BIO-MIMETIC project, final conference and workshops for SMEs – June 25 , 2015 Latina (Italy)

Is it possible to increase the sustainability of industrial processes while maintaining or increasing the competitiveness of enterprises? The BIO-MIMETIC Project partners will show you how this is possible during the final conference and workshops dedicated to SMEs and organised with the sponsorship of Unindustria Latina. (June 25, 2015 Via Montesanto, 9 Latina – Italy). BIO-MIMETIC is a 36 months project co-financed by the European 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development. The project generated a new class of bio-inspired polymers through the extraction of natural compounds from renewable resources. The production of new bio-inspired polymers will utilise environmentally sustainable processes. These new polymer species have been used as replacements for petrochemical derived materials in the development of household care and beauty care consumer products.

From Bugs to Business: Unlocking the Bioeconomy in Europe – BIO-TIC final event

BIO-TIC is a FP7 European-funded project on Industrial Biotechnology

BIO-TIC is pleased to invite you to its high level policy conference, entitled “From bugs to business: Unlocking the Bioeconomy in Europe“, on 23 June 2015 in Brussels. The conference marks the final stage of the project that was launched in 2012 with the vision to investigate hurdles and critical success factors to deploy industrial biotechnology in Europe.

With this final conference the BIO-TIC partners envisage to bring together major stakeholders such as policy makers, industrial players, entrepreneurs and academia to debate and propose recommendations for a blooming industrial biotechnology sector and the European bioeconomy.