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I-PAN project

I-PAN project is a 36 months project co-financed by the European 7th Framework Programme of Research and Develoment which aims at providing novel and highly environmental friendly solutions in the field of the engineered wood (EW) based boards.

I-PAN stands for INNOVATIVE POPLAR LOW DENSITY STRUCTURAL PANEL and its main objective is the design of a breakthrough wood-made lightweight panel, adopting 50% of its volume recycled wood and for the remaining 50% poplar wood by using the upper part of the tree that is commonly underused. To this purpose, a novel manufacturing process will be designed and innovation to existing resins will be defined in order to require less energy during the drying and pressing process, minimizing VOC emission and reducing the overall cost of production.

The main challenge for the light wood-based panel industry is to reach higher level functional characteristic of Lightweight Strand Board (LSB) by engineering traditional wood based panels through innovation in Oriented Strands Board (OSB) manufacturing process as well as by continuously increasing the efforts to manage and use valuable resources in a sustainable manner throughout the entire life-cycle. Recovery and recycling of wood residues also forms an integral part of the eco-efficient utilization of resources.

In order to reach this goal, a consortium of 8 partners, coming from 4 different EU countries (Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain) and including 4 SMEs, 2 large industrial partners specialized in manufacturing wood-made panels and production of poplar made panels, a Research Centre and a University is involved.




BIOCHEM is a Europe-wide partnership co-funded by the European Commission to support companies entering the rapidly emerging market of bio-based products.

BIOCHEM aims at improving the innovation capacity of bio-based chemistry start-ups and SMEs. It provides the development of a business support toolbox for entrepreneurs in order to assess their potential to enter the bio-based products market and to overcome their barriers to innovation. In addition to bio-based market information, individual audits, coaching, and business planning support this toolbox includes this European online partnering and innovation resources system to find the right research and business partners, test facilities and experts everywhere in Europe.

BIOCHEM aims to reach at least 250 companies across Europe with these resources. The BIO-MIMETIC project has benefitted from BOICHEM by involving bio-based products SMEs from the network.

BIO-TIC project

Launched in September 2012, BIO-TIC aims to establish an overview of the barriers to biotech innovation and design a clear action plan to overcome them.

The three-year project is “a solutions approach” centered on an extensive roadmap development process comprehensively examining these innovation hurdles in IB across Europe that will involve a broad stakeholder base from industry, knowledge organisations, governments and civil society.
Three intermediary roadmaps will focus on market assessments and projections, research and innovation as well as non-technological barriers such as feedstock.

A series of stakeholder workshops will take place at national and European level to reach a comprehensive view on solutions BIO-TIC can offer to accelerate market uptake of industrial biotechnology. In addition, the project will develop and market test a methodology to measure the growth of biomass use and industrial biotechnology in the market as metric to evaluate the impact of the project.

The final aim of the project will be to draw up a blueprint document with a comprehensive set of policy recommendations for overcoming the identified innovation hurdles within a selection of European business and societal opportunities.


BIOTIC Partnering Platform

The BIO-TIC partnering platform offers you a comprehensive portfolio of services to develop your business and network with experts and decision-makers of the European bio-based community. The earlier you start your BIO-TIC activities online, the better your chances to get in contact with potential cooperation and business partners. Upload informative descriptions of your expertise, organisation, technologies, products and processes to the BIO-TIC Partnering System to enable potential cooperation and business partners to rapidly identify your profile. Use as many synonyms and acronyms as possible as well as the classifications given to describe your offers and requests to the best advantage.

Innovation Place: European projects, networks, and funding

Innovation Place is the Open Innovation platform supporting collaborative research through the matching of pre-screened R&D projects, qualified organisations, and public funding opportunities.

Through INNOVATION PLACE you can:

  • Access information on European and National funding programmes for research and innovation
  • Browse project ideas and collaboration opportunities, and propose your organisation as a partner
  • Search for highly qualified partners for your research projects
  • Receive a free listing of potential public funding opportunities for your research projects
  • Access networking opportunities and disseminate research project results
  • Manage your research projects portfolio through our platform