Project Objectives

The specic objectives of the project are to:

  • Design and develop processes for the transformation of biomass feedstock .
  • Develop and validate the performance of these novel bio-derived polymers for application in household products such as detergents and new bio-based cosmetics such as emulsions for beauty care use and textiles;
  • Quantify the environmental benets and economic prospects (using life cycle assessment and life cycle costing) of the intermediate (bio-processes) and nal (bio-based products) results, taking into account the whole value chain from biomass transformation towards integration into end-user products.


Benefits of the Project

BIO-MIMETIC will provide solutions that are environmentally friendly as well as competitive from the environmental and economic points of view:

  • reduced CO2 footprint, by replacing fossil feedstock with biomass feedstock
  • elimination of toxic/harmful solvents compared to synthetic alternatives;
  • reduced energy intensity within safer and cleaner production processes at room temperature, reducing the dependence on fossil energy and reducing the release of greenhouse gases;
  • re-use waste from the sheries industry, by combining BIO-MIMETIC polymers.